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My Favorite Shopping Bag


Just a quick post to show off the cute bag I whipped up this afternoon. I picked up the awesome elephant fabric at an estate sale last weekend. The elephants are felted. I made it reversible with a teal and brown plaid on the inside and a contrasting pocket. I am going to make another and then donate them to the guild for the quilt show silent auction.

New shopping bag

New shopping bag

I made a couple of these bags for myself several years ago from an Ikea curtain I found at Goodwill for $2. I still use them every time I shop. I found the pattern at in a post from 5/16/2011.

Come on, you know you want some too! They are adorable AND functional!


One of those days!


Have you ever had one of those days where nothing goes as planned? Yep, that was me today. I had great intentions of getting lots of sewing done, as well as starting laundry and making a run to the grocery store. Nope, not one of those things happened.

I mucked around all morning and finally decided a shower would get me rolling. Fortunately , I made it that far. As soon as I finished getting my hair dried the phone rang and I had to rush to the emergency room to attend to this…

After the fall...

After the fall…

My mother had been getting ready to bowl with her league friends when she became entangled in the straps of a bag that still contained a bowling ball and down she went…right on her face. She also injured her hand and knee, although there were no broken bones. Thank goodness! She got her first ambulance ride, which she described as very bumpy! And now she is bummed because she probably won’t recover in time to return to her team before the end of bowling season! It’s hell to get old, I tell ya!

I do have some quilty news to share though. In spite of my rough day. Last weekend I nearly doubled my stash in one fell swoop by attending a couple of “garage/estate” sales. One was a true estate sale and there was fabric galore. Granted much of it wasn’t the $12  per yard variety, but there were LOTS of pretty nice cuts if one was willing to look. They were selling by the pound. $6/LB. ON Saturday and $3/lb. On Sunday. I bought so much I could barely lift the HUGE bags the generously supplied on Saturday. And on Sunday,well,let’s just say I need help to my car….

I went to a second sale of a gal who was downsizing to live in a motor home. YIKES, I’m not sure I could ever be convinced to do such a thing. Hopefully she adores hand work! Anyway, her fabric was the $12/yd. Variety and I scored tons of 30s prints and tons of primitive plaids. I have neither in my stash. As I LOVE all fabric, it was a heavenly weekend!

In addition to all of the fabric I also bought several very nice quilting books, some antique quilting magazines from the sometime before the 1950s, and lots of scraps! My favorite. Two big bins and a garbage bag full. $5 each! Here are the started projects from the scraps. I can’t contain myself…I keep dreaming up ideas for all this fabric. I’m soooo obsessed!

Low volume log cabines

Low volume log cabins

Vintage black background floral with scalloped borders

Vintage black background floral 9 patches with scalloped borders

The floral 9 patch blocks will also have some sort of applique on the corners of the scalloped borders, haven’t figured that part out yet though. A good project for the upcoming bus trip with my guild friends. We’re going to Paducah!

Sew on, everyone!