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Guilds are Great!


On Wednesday night the Faithful Circle Quilters guild held a giant show and tell. It was so interesting to see what members brought to show as their favorite quilts. As a newer member I don’t know many of the women well, so I felt like I got to see a bit of each persons personality as they showed their quilts and talked about why they were favorites.
Many women became very emotional when sharing their stories…even crying! All of the quilts were fabulous! My favorite however was shown by my friend Mary. It was the first quilt she ever made. She admitted to buying as much as 70 yds. Of fabric to complete it because she wanted to get all of the values just right…and I think she was successful!

Mary's first  quilt

Mary’s first quilt

Maybe she would donate her leftovers to me..along with the pattern…so I could make this gem!

I have been busy myself finishing up my hand quilting project and starting on a new Edita Sitar pattern.

I only need 756 quarter square blocks!

I only need 756 quarter square blocks!

The quilt requires tons of quarter square blocks that finish at 1 3/4 inches. I have about 350 completed and about 500 total either done or in the process. Whew! I have taken a break to work on quilting another project. All in good time…

My sister was here for about a week and a half. I had given her a big bin a some pretty ugly scrapes. And guess what! She sewed them up into something pretty awesome.

Sew creative!

Sew creative!

I had been giving her a hard time about doing simple boring patterns and not bringing much creativity to her work. Guess she showed me!! Good for her!!