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French Circles


I am finally making progress on the finishing touches on French Circles. I put a quarter inch black trim around the French newsprint. I think it has brightened up the quilt top considerably. I also like the black polka-dotted border which pretty neatly ties the whole thing together.
The back is well on its way too so I am hoping to finish soon!

French Circles top is done!

French Circles top is done!


Pacific International Quilt Festival 2014 – Repetition


More from festival photos! Enjoy!


An essential part of the quilting art form is repeating patterns.  There were some wonderful riffs on repetition and quilt blocks this year.

Piecedgoods PIQF 2014 Repeat  484 Luanne Chittenden – Not all that Modern 51″x42″

Matsuko Shiraishi - Miyabi 105"x88" Matsuko Shiraishi – Miyabi 105″x88″

Matsuko Shiraishi - Miyabi 105"x88" Detail Matsuko Shiraishi – Miyabi 105″x88″ Detail

Piecedgoods PIQF 2014 Repeat  485 Arleen R Kukua – Woven Forty Two 82″x82″

Piecedgoods PIQF 2014 Repeat  486 Karen Litvinchuk – Silken Glow

Piecedgoods PIQF 2014 Repeat  488 Maren Johnston – Kapa Kai 1

Piecedgoods PIQF 2014 Repeat  487 Maren Johnston – Peru

Piecedgoods PIQF 2014 Repeat  489 Rasa Read – Sanmyaku 49″x19″

Piecedgoods PIQF 2014 Repeat  494 Hazel Foot – In the Mughal’s Midnight Garden 84″x57″

Piecedgoods PIQF 2014 Repeat  502 Caroline Wilkinson – Who Won in London 2012 46″X48″

Piecedgoods PIQF 2014 Repeat  505 Ilana Rapoport – 3 Primary Colors and Shades 38″x48″

Piecedgoods PIQF 2014 Repeat  500 Helen Pedersen – Up the Garden Path 59″x74″

Piecedgoods PIQF 2014 Repeat  501 Teri L Cherne – Let’s Do the Dresden Twist 75″X75″

Piecedgoods PIQF 2014 Repeat  504 Sheena J Norquay – Red Dot Metaphorphosis 39″x39″

Piecedgoods PIQF 2014 Repeat  498 Petra Niermann – Rubikon 37″x54″

Piecedgoods PIQF 2014 Repeat  497 Dianne Firth – Dry Schlerophyll Forest: Regrowth (top) and Fire (bottom) each 52″x26″

Piecedgoods PIQF 2014 Repeat  496 Bernadette Mayr – Sommerwald 94″x79″

Piecedgoods PIQF 2014 Repeat  499 Jocelyn Thornton – Grandmother-sister’s…

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Pacific International Quilt Festival 2014 – Architecture


These are some amazing works of art! Thought I would share…


Piecedgoods PIQF 2014  436 Gloria Loughman – Old Bank Building

House quilts have always been a favorite of mine. For me, the building of a quilt block relates to the construction of edifices. There were a lot of great architecture at this year’s quilt festival. For Part 1 and Part 2, click on the links. And yet more to come!

Gloria Loughman - The Butterfly House - Dromana 36"x66" Gloria Loughman – The Butterfly House – Dromana 36″x66″

Gloria Loughman - Old Town - Yellowknife 30"x36" Gloria Loughman – Old Town – Yellowknife 30″x36″

Randa Mulford - On Campus: Lewis and Clark College 33"x25" Randa Mulford – On Campus: Lewis and Clark College 33″x25″

Kathy McNeil – Poppies of Provence

Piecedgoods PIQF 2014  474 Donna L Rice – Thera 41″x30″

Isolde Lata - Ulm Cathedral 87"x43" Isolde Lata – Ulm Cathedral 87″x43″

Elizabeth Hull - Big Sur Fresnel 1 Elizabeth Hull – Big Sur Fresnel 1

Piecedgoods PIQF 2014  420 Denise Killingsworth – Jade Belt Bridge 32″x40″

Claudia Scheja - Skyline 69"x69" Claudia Scheja – Skyline 69″x69″ 

Carole R Rossi - Village Tower and Beyond 52"x37" Carole R Rossi – Village Tower and Beyond 52″x37″

Pamela J Rocco - House Plan 64"x43" Pamela J Rocco – House Plan 64″x43″

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Harry Potter


Just a quick post to show off the paper piecing skills of my 16 yr. old daughter.
She is making a Harry Potter quilt (she is a wee bit obsessed with the series!). Currently 25 blocks are completed. Only 55 more to go! She wants to enter it into the high schools year-end art show so she needs to make two blocks per week to finish. I am cheering her on!!

Ansley ' s Harry Potter quilt

Ansley ‘ s Harry Potter quilt

Retreat Around the Corner


With a four day quilting retreat just a few weeks away I am trying to finish up some ufos and decide what to take to keep me occupied for four fabulous days!

Today I finished quilting a top that my sister made long ago. A crib size from scraps. I used it to practice feathers and other misc designs I have been trying to perfect. I have to say that I am quite comfortable with the whole feathers thing now. Hooray!

Practice crib quilt

Practice crib quilt

I have also finished piecing my french scrappy circle quilt. I added one black circle with a cutout from the vintage curtains I am going to use on the back. I’m not sure if I am loving it yet,  but I think once I add the black polka-dotted border,  and perhaps a splash of red on the edge, it will look better.

French circles

French circles

My final project for the week was to purchase a boat load of men’s shirts from Goodwill for my retreat project. Lots of cutting left to do so I can sew like a mad woman while I’m away!

Hopefully there are no naked men lurking nearby!

Hopefully there are no naked men lurking nearby!

And just to let you all know, we finally found a homecoming dress for my youngest. So the evening was a success – although a bit more expensive than I would have liked!  Why do the youngest children always cost the most??! Pics to come soon, as they are yet to be downloaded from the camera. ..

Medallion quilts


Yesterday I worked all day trying to get the first couple of rounds done on my new medallion quilt. It was very frustrating …because, as usual I didn’t follow the directions…

My four center triangles turned out bigger than they were supposed to. Not sure why I guess I must have cut the template too big. Then the orange peel blocks were a quarter of an inch smaller than they were meant to be because I wanted the tips to meet. I don’t think they do in the pattern. Had I realized this I would have adjusted the template…

Anyway after many struggles and a couple of improve sashing strips inserted strategically I think I have fixed the problem. Thankfully the next round can be a strip of any width, as it is all applique, so I can get back to the proper dimensions when adding the next row of pieced blocks.

An imperfect start..

An imperfect start..

The frustrations continued today when I took my youngest out to try and find a homecoming dress. NOTHING was right! All of the dress were ugly to her and she was not even willing to give any of the dress a try…. well so be it. Maybe she won’t get a dress.

I am going to drown my sorrows at an October fest party now. You’ll have to check in later to see if either of these situations get resolved!

Another busy quilting day


It was off to the races again this morning.
I fired up the machine and finished off quilting a second Halloween table runner. My sister pieced both tops but had never finished them so my mother and I convinced her that it was a good idea to donate them to us! 😉 Now just have to get out the rest of the Halloween decorations…

Mine is the smaller runner.  Mom took the larger one.

Mine is the smaller runner. Mom took the larger one. 

I also worked on some scrappy circle blocks that I started in July when I took a class with Victoria Findlay Wolf. It was great fun and I am excited to get back to this project. I was thinking about putting a black and gray polka-dotted sashing between the blocks. Any thoughts? ?

Finally, my mother made 4 Christmas table runners to give as gifts so we started prepping some backings for them. I have my quilting frame half disasembled right now to give myself more space in my tiny sewing room but I have a couple of tops I want to get finished as well so that might be the next project. Stay tuned!

Mom's Xmas topper

Mom’s Xmas topper