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Tone It Down Progress


Finally!  I am happy to report that I am slowly making progress on my WIPs.  I just can’t seem to stay focused on on thing for very long.  Cabin fever is setting in I think.  But here we go….my Lissa Alexander “Tone It Down” quilt is nearing completion.  It will be a lap size for a special someone.  Still a secret…shhhh.


The colors look a little muddy in the pic but they are really nice bright blues and navy’s with scrappy creams and white background, and peachy rusty colors.

Bee blocks are next on my agenda and then,perhaps, on to a Dresden plate I started – and never finished- from long ago. Off to guild meeting tonight to hobnob with all my peeps.

Linking up to WIP Wednesday…..maybe, if I can figure out how to do it!


I’m Baaaa…ack…..


So it has been a while…Like a whole entire year! Better late than never. We have settled into our new house and gotten most of the remodeling work done. Winter continues to keep us cooped up indoors and I have been sewing and knitting endlessly! (No complaints there!)

I know there are way to many projects that have come and gone since last this blog was updated, so I won’t bore you with trying to catch up. The highlights might make an appearance, but otherwise, onwards…

Since we have moved to a different neighborhood I became reacquainted with a woman I had met here and there through a mutual friend. She now lives around the corner from me and – shriek – she is a HUGE quilter! Who knew! We have joined a local quilt guild together and also a small bee group. Can I just say, I LOVE all of the ladies!!! They are right up my alley. I have also been continuing with my once a week knitting group so now I am frequently torn between projects. Not unlike the having to choose between giving undivided attention to one or the other of my children–although there is not as much squabbling between the sewing and the knitting. At any rate, you can probably guess that I am kept well entertained by my involvement with these groups of fun loving gals.

"School"  Feb. 2014

“School” Feb. 2014

This a photo of my favorite finish since last posting. It is quilt that I made from an old beach towel from the 50’s. The towel belonged to the mother of a good friend who asked if I could do something with it so she wouldn’t feel like she had to get rid of it. Well, it took me a while to come up with an idea, and picking a fabric that looked good with the faded colors of the towel was a challenge, but I think the end result is quite pleasing. I named it “School” because she is a teacher and had just gotten a new full time job after being out of the work force for many years to raise her kids. I gave it to her for her birthday in February. As you can guess, she was very happy, and snuggled right up in it to start grading papers!

My favorite unfinished project since last posting is this twin sized scrappy quilt that I hand pieced.  I am in the process of hand quilting it – a first for me –  it has been a slow go.  And I still haven’t figured out how women are able to get such small even stitches through all of those layers using an itty-bitty needle!!  My stitches are uneven, meandering, and too widely spaced – BUT – they ARE done by hand, and I do love the organic look of it.

Coming along

Coming along

I had seen a photo of a similar quilt on the blog Cabbage Quilts and had to have one of my own.  Someday it will be done and I will love it dearly.  The center of all of the blocks are fussy cut kites to make fun new designs when reassembled.  I know they don’t stand out much amongst the cacophony of mismatched fabric, but picking them out seems to me a little like a treasure hunt, or like searching for recognizable shapes in the summer clouds.  A little hidden surprise!

Hanging out with the homemade Limoncello

Hanging out with the homemade Limoncello

My favorite completed knitting project has to be this little rabbit – from a pattern by Little Cotton Rabbits.  You can find it on Ravelry.  It is soooo cute and was great fun to make.  I am working a boy bunny to go with her but he still needs a shirt.  They will make a darling couple!  I used yarn that I got from my mother’s next door neighbor.  She had inherited all of the crafting supplies of a spinster home-ec teacher.  She graciously offered my mother, sister, and I whatever we wanted –FOR FREE– after she had taken out what she wanted for herself.  Wow!  The three of us were in heaven!!  We came away with a boat load beautiful fabric, antique trims, buttons, yarn, floss, patterns, completed and framed petite point, and I forget what else…. Our cups overfloweth’ed.  What fun we had that day!

I could go on but perhaps I’ll save some of the works in progress for another day.  I’m still not a very good blogger – So computer challenged –  This takes me WAY too long to do.  It cuts into my crafting time significantly!!  Rome wasn’t built in a day tho….