Ansley's new bed quilt

Ansley’s new bed quilt

What a week we have had!  Another big snow storm with an additional 10 inches of snow!!  And a lot more snow people popping up around town since my last post.  Its like the attack of the birds!!  Crazy!!

While all the snow has been piling up I have whittling down my WIP’s.  And here is another finish.  It is for my daughters bedroom at our soon to be new home.  It is a copy of Elizabeth Hartmann’s design from the quilt she gave away at QuiltCon.  I obviously did not wait for the pattern to come out – and you can tell because my half diamonds on the edge don’t meet at the points – oops! – and I added a slim border from the left over strings.  I am very happy with the results though and love the backing fabric I found at JoAnns.  It is perfect.  And most importantly my daughter thinks it is AWESOME!  Any score like that with a teenage girl makes my day (if not my week!).  They can be pretty darn hard to please!


I have also been hard at work trying to finish the Liberty Quilt from Material Obsession.  I have the top mostly put together now so I’ll soon be moving on to the applique work.

In nonsewing news – The crops are emerging! and I got my order of leek starts in the mail yesterday.  Now if only we could get out in the garden! And of course I have been starting to pack up our house.  Downsizing makes you realize just how much stuff you have sitting around that is entirely superfulous to daily life!!  It is amazing to me!! – Well, maybe not amazing but still hard to think that I let so much junk pile up in my house!!  Especially since I don’t consider myself much a sentamentalist – but trust me,  the garage sale is going to be mighty BIG!

If your in the Chicago burbs ya might be able to find yourself a deal. 😉


About thecraftyfarmer

I love a project - and I always have tons of them going at the same time - Sometimes it is hard to prioritize, but the usual order of importance generally looks like this: PROJECT 1) My relationship with my exceptionally wonderful husband PROJECT 2) The raising of my four children - the oldest just done with college, the second about to go off to college, a high schooler, and a middle schooler PROJECT 3) Keeping up with my mother and my friends PROJECT 4) Growing and cooking healthy food for my family and friends PROJECT 5) Sewing, knitting, repurposing furniture, or other crafty endeavors PROJECT 6) Playing with my constant shadow - the family (?) dog PROJECT 7) Looking after our house in the suburbs and our farmhouse ........ PROJECT 999) Keeping up with the 12 loads of laundry I seem to have every week!

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