Another finish for Friday!


I am so excited to have another finish for 2013.  The Scrappy Trip-along. It isn’t all that big – I have to admit that I got a little tired of making these blocks, but I do like the way the quilt turned out. And it is a great little piece to keep on the back of the couch in my bedroom so I can curl up under it and watch the final episode of this seasons Downton Abbey.

A scrappy trip-along

A scrappy trip-along

See what I mean!

See what I mean!

I quilted diagonals in both directions through the squares and then did small dense loops in the borders.  The binding is a fun colorful stripe that I picked up this last week on the Quilt Shop Hop.  I found it in the discount section at the second store – with a 50% markdown!  Yea!!

The Shop Hop was lots of fun – Although I didn’t win any of the prizes (Alas – I was really looking forward to the 200 fat quarters!) but my sister came in from Iowa and she and my mother enjoyed a couple of afternoons touring around the western suburbs of Chicago.  And of course we bought lots of fabric.  Here is some of what I picked up




















But best of all – I got a new toy!  One of the shops had a number of rebuilt sewing machines – some very old antiques and some fairly new models – and my wonderful husband allowed me to purchase one of these beauties !  A Pfaff GrandQuilter – with a frame and stitch regulator!!

My new toy!!

My new toy!!

It is about four years old and was a great deal.  I used it on the borders of the scrappy trip-along quilt and it was sooooo much easier to use than my Janome.  I haven’t gotten the frame or stitch regulator yet but they should be arriving any day now.  There will be LOTS of quilting going on when they arrive!!  My daughter has two finished tops, I have one with another one its way and my sister has a at least a dozen!  Guess you know where you’ll find me for the next couple of weeks… 


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I love a project - and I always have tons of them going at the same time - Sometimes it is hard to prioritize, but the usual order of importance generally looks like this: PROJECT 1) My relationship with my exceptionally wonderful husband PROJECT 2) The raising of my four children - the oldest just done with college, the second about to go off to college, a high schooler, and a middle schooler PROJECT 3) Keeping up with my mother and my friends PROJECT 4) Growing and cooking healthy food for my family and friends PROJECT 5) Sewing, knitting, repurposing furniture, or other crafty endeavors PROJECT 6) Playing with my constant shadow - the family (?) dog PROJECT 7) Looking after our house in the suburbs and our farmhouse ........ PROJECT 999) Keeping up with the 12 loads of laundry I seem to have every week!

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  1. Love your scrappy trip around the world quilt! And how about a spot of tea while watching Downton Abbey and snuggled in?? Sounds like my evening, using a different quilt! Sad the season is over so soon.

    • Guess we’ll have to find a new program to watch on Sunday nites…:( By the way, just saw a commercial on TV as my husband is watching (napping) golf, that Maggie Smith is going to be on 60 Minutes tonight. Gotta love her!

  2. Hey there 🙂 You left a comment at my post, but your no-reply settings wouldn’t let me answer. I’m surprised it let me follow a link through to your blog. Here’s what I tried to reply:

    Thanks. 🙂 I had been mulling over that quilt for a few months when I saw the Twiddetails BOM program for it in the rainbow, and that snagged me. I’m suckered into the whole sub-culture of it! ha! I plan to make two more in the next 5 years or so – I mean, I have 3 daughters who all admire the quilts I make, so they should each have one of these phenomenon quilts, right? ;D

    You should pick yours back up. 🙂 Who cares if some of them are a little wonky? And if they’re really bad, just put them on the back or something. Have you seen some of the Dear Jane hybrids people have done? I recently saw one where someone had maybe 15,20 baby Janes done and detested it. So she put them in a house block so it looked like a quilt made of Dutch Pennsylvania barns. Ingenius! Pat Sloan is doing one now with 26 babies alternated with alphabet blocks. I know I saw one made into a Christmas tree.

    I think I have a Pinterest board just for Dear Janes that has several hybrids interspersed with the full quilts. Here – try this link:

    • Lynette,
      Thanks for the reply re: the DJ quilt. I think I may take your suggestion and do a hybrid with my
      sort of ho-hum blocks. Maybe I’ll get better at piecing with a little more practice! I love that you
      are going to make a DJ for each of your daughters. I have 3 daughters too (and a son) but I think they
      are going to have to wait a looooong time for me to make each of them such a complicated and time consuming
      masterpiece! Your kids are clearly going to be receiving true treasures!

  3. Oooh, love your new toy! So, you can use it as a stand alone machine and as a mid-arm?

    Your scrappy trip looks lovely. And how was that last episode of Downton Abbey? I don’t watch the show, but I hear it was rather traumatic!

    Wondering which western suburbs you call home. I grew up in Galena, IL. I usually say “small town in northwest Illinois,” because unless the person is a Civil War history buff or from Chicago, the town won’t ring a bell!

    • The new toy is now set up on its frame. Unfortunately the stitch regulator is not functioning properly yet. Still a work in progress. I did take it for a test run tho – LOTS of FUN! – but frustrating… On a happier note the machine sews like a dream as a stand alone!

      Downton Abbey is starting to wear on me – the writing is going downhill after 3 seasons – so I think I am ready for a new series on PBS. I’m sure I’ll still watch as long as it is on tho, cuz my husband is also hooked on it too!
      We live in the Wheaton area but we have been to Galena many times and my husband’s cousin (who is a phenomenal artist) as a studio there. Lovely place to be from! 🙂

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