Monthly Archives: November 2012

Christmas is coming….


I was reminded today that Thanksgiving is only nine days away!  How can that be??  My kids are going to be clamboring to put up the Christmas tree and the Halloween candy is still in the bowl on the dining room table!  Madness………

So what is a good mom to do??  Well, I have been knitting a pair of elephant socks for Ansley to add to her “elephant” collection

Stranded Elephant Socks

I have also been working on the Dear Jane quilt and finished knitting a new scarf which may end up being an xmas gift for some lucky receipient.

Who to gift this too, ummm?

I am also thinking about going shopping tomorrow.  I have a 50% off coupon burning a hole in my pocket – and I need to get out of the house and away from my sewing machine!  We have been spending WAY too much time together!!

In other news, Kip is almost done with his first semester of college!  He is coming home on the 20th of Nov. and will not have to go back to school until after New Years.  I am looking forward to having him around.  Maybe we can put a little fat on him over the holidays! And today, Papa cooked up a storm this morning.  He made a cheese souffle and spinach with a cream sauce for lunch (Julia Childs is his new best friend!)  I didn’t partake (eggs are yukky) but it smelled good.  Now he is making chili for dinner!  Yeah!!  I like that he is expanding his cooking repitoire!!


The Election is Over!


Everyone is smiling here today after President Obama handily won another term and lots of good progress democrats got elected to the senate!  Yea!  I stayed up way too late watching tho so I am a little under the weather today.

During the day yesterday I went to a morning party to celebrate the birthday of a friend of mine who has recently passed the one year anniversary of being cancer free after a brush with colon cancer.  I made her a cute pillow for her new couch – and brought her a big sack full of organic onions (to fulfill a long ago promise).

Cara’s Birthday Pillow

I made up the pattern for this pillow but based it on a pillow I saw on the QuiltJane blog.  It was a fun little project and I enjoyed doing the applique and embroidery work.  I think it was a big hit. Tomorrow I am having lunch with an old law school friend and then on Friday I am hosting another knitting get together.  I have invited a couple more knitty friends so should be fun – am going to have to start a new knitting project soon if we get going with weekly meetups! and finally – This little one is now taller than me!!!  How does this happen??