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Okay, now I have THREE new quilt projects going!  Yes, I think I am obsessed.  While I was in Iowa visiting my brother-in-law in the hospital my new Dear Jane book arrived.  And since my sister told me that she has already gotten started on her Dear Jane I figured I had better get busy and catch up!  So in a day and a half I have gotten four blocks done.

These certainly aren’t perfect.  Hopefully practice will straighten out all the crookedness and uneven sizes of the little pieces!

My other new project is from Oh, Fransson.  Ansley has claimed this one for her new bedroom.  I sewed all of the strips together and am cutting out all of the big diamonds.  I have six done with three full and four half diamonds to go.  Then the question needs to be addressed – whether to applique the diamonds onto the gray background or to piece the whole thing.  With no pattern the applique option may be easier – but the pieced option will probably look better.  A connundrum….

Oh, Fransson strip quilt


New Quilting Project


Yep, I am working on another quilt.  It is called “Square Dance” from the New English Paper Piecing, by Sue Daley.  I have really enjoyed the hand work appliquing the motifs to the background fabric.  Unfortunately, the process is not very good for me.  A stiff neck and back, and aching fingers from arthritis.  Ah well, can’t let a little discomfort stop the progress.  Can you tell that I am obsessed!??  Here is the progress so far….Image

In other news, Kip was home for an overnight.  He seems to be doing well at college – and enjoying it.  He is SOOO skinny tho!  I think he has lost weight – if that is possible.  We sent him home with a giant bag of chocolate chip cookies and lots of junk food and apples.  Hope he scarfs it all down and heads out for more!

Tomorrow we are heading for the farm.  Hopefully the weather will still be decent – It was certainly beautiful today – Sunny and almost 70 degrees!  I still need to get the drip tape up and the get the tomato stakes taken down.  Guess the quilting is going to have to wait…….

Hello again…


Back again with a picture of the finished Finglas Farm Quilt.  Completed a couple of weeks ago.  Now that the weather is getting cooler, and winter is on its way, the crafty projects are kicking into high gear.







I have also started a new knitting project, which will probably end up as a Christmas gift. – So no pics!  I met a new knitty friend a week or so ago who got me motivated to pick up the needles again.  She is the mother of one of Ansley’s classmates.  She not only knits but she was a spanish major in college – in IOWA – and went to school in Spain.  So I am definitely looking forward to getting together with her next Friday for a little show-and-tell of knitting projects.

We are also recently in the process of firming up a deal on a new house!  We are downsizing a bit and letting go of our big house/big yard.  It will definitely be a big savings both in money and upkeep.  We will have to do some remodeling – new master bath, laundry room and kitchen update – but will be refreshing to get rid of a lot of the clutter that builds up over the years!

Stay tuned for pics of the new quilting project that is beginning to take shape. Hope to get them up over the weekend in between hanging with our college freshman, who will finally be visiting for a couple of days.  🙂