Hello Again!


It has been awhile since I posted.  Mostly because I wasn’t able to get my camara working-and I like to post pictures.  I have been busy over the last month tho!

A lot of work has been going on at the farm.  The potatoes are planted and a lot of the new beds are plowed and ready for sowing.  I did transplant my broccoli and cauliflower a couple of weeks ago.  Unfortunately as soon as I did we had a cold spell that caused many of the plants to die.  A few have survived however and are starting to make a comeback as the weather warms a little.  I also planted some beets. a little more broccoli, and a couple of kinds of radishes out in the field.  (Apr. 17)  The rest of the transplants (tomatoes and peppers mostly) are doing well in my little hothouse.

My pup tent greenhouse

I have also started some flowers – zinnias, marigolds, and hollyhocks.  I have never had much luck with flowers so we will see if I get any blooms.

On the crafting front, I have finally finished my first quilt!  The one with the countryish blocks from eons ago.  I have to say it turned out pretty cute – although not perfect!  Please let me know if the quilting police are headed my way!  I am also working to get the Finglas Farm quilt completed.  Just a little more redwork embroidery and I will be able to put the back on and start quilting it.  I also purchased backing fabric for the big quilt for my bed.  I haven’t found a long arm quilter yet, mostly because I don’t know what kind of quilting pattern I want on it.  Waiting for inspiration on this front!

My first finished quilt!

Nice Binding

Other accomplishments this month include five Christmas ball decorations from a book that I had heard about some time ago.  Carlos and Arnies Christmas Balls.  They are turning out great – once I got a better yarn.  They looked funky in the cheap acrylic yarn.- Too shiny.  They are quick to knit so I will probably be making several more.  There are 55 designs in the book and a template to make up your own designs.  Sort of like coloring easter eggs!  The sky’s the limit! Finally, Tierney and I are going to be going to a meeting of the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild this afternoon.  They are hosting Jaquie from Tallgrass Prairie Studios.  She just published a book about modern quilting.  I am looking forward to getting the book and having a go at a new project.  I picked up a bunch of black and white fabrics at a sale at my local quilt store recently so have been looking around for inspiration.  Maybe this is just the ticket!

The only other news is the visit of a long lost cousin. Bruce and his wife Pam.  It was great to get reacquainted with him and to meet his wife.  I don’t really remember seeing him since he was about 10 years old. – Now 48!  They were both super nice and fun to be with.  Gma and I took them to the Chicago Botanic Gardens.  Kinda chilly but always lovely!


About thecraftyfarmer

I love a project - and I always have tons of them going at the same time - Sometimes it is hard to prioritize, but the usual order of importance generally looks like this: PROJECT 1) My relationship with my exceptionally wonderful husband PROJECT 2) The raising of my four children - the oldest just done with college, the second about to go off to college, a high schooler, and a middle schooler PROJECT 3) Keeping up with my mother and my friends PROJECT 4) Growing and cooking healthy food for my family and friends PROJECT 5) Sewing, knitting, repurposing furniture, or other crafty endeavors PROJECT 6) Playing with my constant shadow - the family (?) dog PROJECT 7) Looking after our house in the suburbs and our farmhouse ........ PROJECT 999) Keeping up with the 12 loads of laundry I seem to have every week!

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