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Keeping Track


When all else fails, and you are trying to keep track of when the veggies were planted, write it down in your BLOG!

Today was a great day for planting – coolish, no wind, and partly cloudy.  So I put in Yugoslavian Red Butterhead lettuce, Key Lime Lettuce,  Gourmet Blend lettuce, and Jericho Romaine. Only eight more lettuce/greens to go!

While we were away at the farm today this happened across the street.

Poor Tree  :(     Another giant tree is coming down tomorrow.  I guess they were splitting at the tops because of the huge canopies and everyone was afraid a big wind would topple them onto the many houses below.  Sad to see them go…..






And for fun a couple of quilts from the talk by Jackie of Tallgrass Prairie Studio blog fame.  She was at the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild on Sunday.  I was able to get a signed copy of her new book.  I love her work – and maybe will get to befriend her if I start going to the guild meetings on a regular basis.  How cool would that be!

Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones