Another Beautiful Day!


What is with all of the really warm weather in the middle of March??  If I don’t get the peas planted in the next few days it will be too hot and they won’t do well!

And can I  complain again about the amount of laundry my family generates – I didn’t finish the with the last of the jeans until almost 4 o’clock and I started the wash first thing in the morning!  Can some of you please wear your jeans for more than a few hours before changing into the next pair!  My poor washing machine!

I spent the afternoon cleaning up the perennial bed around the west and south side of the garage.  It is amazing how much everything is up already…and the rose bushes-they have put on TONS of new growth.  I also have to find a place to put my fall mums which are still alive in their pots.  Apparently it did not get cold enough this winter to kill them off.  I usually just throw them out in the spring!

Tomorrow I  am going to get my tomato seeds planted.  A lot of what I planted a week ago is already coming up.  I set the tray of broccoli and cauliflower seedlings outside today in the shade.  They seemed a little droopy when I brought them back in – hopefully I didn’t overdo it.  With this weather I probably could have planted right in the field and not even bothered with the grow  lights!

We also have to go out to the farm tomorrow to finish draining the “pond” in our field and continue cleaning up all of the flower beds.  Then we need to head over and sign the papers for the close on the sale of our lake house.  Looks like everything is okay – no termites or carpenter ants, Whew! – and the septic system is in good shape. So hopefully the close will go smoothly.

Looking forward to a good nights sleep!