Where to begin!


Boy, has it been busy the past few days!  Over the weekend I attended the Salt Creek Quilt Guild show in Hinsdale with my mother and a few of her friends.  Mostly traditional quilts on display, with more than a few that were stunning pieces of craftsmanship and art combined.  I think the older ladies were thinking to themselves – Wow, what a lot of tiring, tedious work!, while I was thinking – Wow, I want to make something like this!  Here are a few pics (excuse the poor quality).  Unfortunately, with the older contingent charging through the show at breakneck speed I wasn’t allowed to dawdle and get the names of the talented quilters.  A quick trip to the website of the Salt Creek Guild may provide this information though, if anyone is interested.

A beautiful applique


I voted for this quilt for Best of Show - hand appliques of wool on a cotton background.


About thecraftyfarmer

I love a project - and I always have tons of them going at the same time - Sometimes it is hard to prioritize, but the usual order of importance generally looks like this: PROJECT 1) My relationship with my exceptionally wonderful husband PROJECT 2) The raising of my four children - the oldest just done with college, the second about to go off to college, a high schooler, and a middle schooler PROJECT 3) Keeping up with my mother and my friends PROJECT 4) Growing and cooking healthy food for my family and friends PROJECT 5) Sewing, knitting, repurposing furniture, or other crafty endeavors PROJECT 6) Playing with my constant shadow - the family (?) dog PROJECT 7) Looking after our house in the suburbs and our farmhouse ........ PROJECT 999) Keeping up with the 12 loads of laundry I seem to have every week!

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