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Spring Break 2012


With spring break here we have been spending a lot of time at the farm.  Deedz is on a trip to Dubuque with her buddy, Kip is busy gaming with his friends, and Ansley is hanging with us for the most part – So there isn’t any reason to be running back and forth between the two houses.  It sure makes getting something accomplished a lot easier!

Over the past couple of weeks the seedlings have been making good progress.  The broccoli and cauliflower are almost ready to go out into the garden.  I transplanted about half of the tomato plants yesterday, as they were getting very leggy and beginning to flop over.  Will have to get the rest done when we get back to town.  I have also got the peas planted but have not seen anything coming up yet.

We celebrated Kip’s 18th bday on St. Patrick’s Day.  All of his buddies came over to take him out.  We didn’t get him a real present because he couldn’t decide what he wanted.  Probably will end up with some concert tickets.  We are trying to get him to get off his rear and get a job – but no luck yet!

The Guys













My sister from Iowa came out last weekend to quilt with Gma and I.  She came on Thursday and stayed until Monday so we had lots of time together and actually got quite a bit accomplished.  I finished piecing the Finglas Farm quilt – still have to finish up the embroidery – and Gma started her quilt kit.  Kathy did the cutting so that was a big help – not so much bending over for Gma.  Kathy didn’t get much accomplished on her own projects, although she did some crocheting on a “Perry the Platypus” she is making for Charlie.  It was fun to have her here and listen to her chatter away as we sewed!

The quilting Gma!











I have also nearly finished piecing the top of another quilt that I had started many moons ago.  The fabrics are a little “country”, but I think it will be cute when it is done.  Maybe a baby quilt.

And I am almost finished knitting a pair of socks that I started around Christmas time.  I got sidetracked with all of the quilting, but finally pulled them out when my sister was here to show her – and then decided to get them done!  Just in time to because in another week or two it will be too hot to wear them.

The weather has settled done to a more seasonable temperature, althought it is supposed to get back up to 80 degrees again in another couple of days.  Today it is only in the 50’s so that, at least is better for the peas and broc/caul. plants.  I am going to set up my pop up cold frame at home tomorrow and set out the peppers and the tomatoes.  See if they do better there than under the lights.

Now it is time to get going on all of the weeding!  The dandelions are already blooming!!!!  DoubleP is out mowing the grass for the first time – Way to early for that! – and all of the fr